Embrace Your Cracks

Feeling broken? The Japanese have a custom of filling the cracks of broken objects with gold, called 金継ぎ – Kintsugi – golden joinery. They believe that when something has suffered damage it only adds to it’s history and beauty. So embrace your cracks and give them a gold lining!
  • More luck and success in your life
  • Discovering treasure in life’s scars
  • To feel confident about who you are
  • To stand in your own power and detach from the expectations of others
  • Have a great relationship with yourself and be meaningful for others

We all have the ability to attract the best in life. It’s a skill and it can be learned. This course will allow you to start living your life to your full potential while embracing yourself with all your cracks and being the person you were always meant to be – Happy, Loved and Irresistible. Love yourself for who you are. Embrace your cracks and give them a gold lining.