Life Coaching

  • More luck and success in your life
  • To stand in your own power and detach from the expectations of others
  • Discover what your passions and talents are
  • Find a job that really fits you or start as an entrepreneur
  • Have a great relationship with yourself and be meaningful for others
  • Have a well-defined plan with which you are going to reach your dreams and goals
  • Be coached and trained 1 on 1

Get THE TOOLS, CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE through life coaching to tap onto your potential to live your life majestically.

We all have the ability to attract the best in life. It’s a skill and it can be learned. This Coaching program will allow you to start living your life to your full potential while being the person you were always meant to be – Happy, Loved and Irresistible.

  • More energy which results in increasing productivity and a sense of overall happiness.
  • Increased clarity and motivation to take action.
  • Less stress
  • Increased confidence in daily decisions and a new zest for life.
  • Awesome little miracles reflecting on the shifts in mind-set you have created.
  • In simple words: Things start making perfect sense and life feels less random. You will get a new understanding of how you create your daily experiences.
  • Skype/Phone Coaching calls (each 45 minutes). Coaching in person is available for clients located in the Amsterdam area or at location in Vinkeveen if conditions allow.
  • Follow up e-mails 
  • Your Personal Copy of my book ‘Just Go For It’ which will help you to develop simple yet powerful habits that will allow you to create the mentality to attract the best in life.
  • Additional e-mail support that you may need to keep your momentum.

Give yourself the gift of Renewal and a Feeling Great again and let’s get started. What do you have to lose? 

You only live once.

Make it worthwhile. 

Start Living Your Dreams. 

Just go for it!

Online coaching with your coach can be compared to a good conversation with a close friend. But a conversation with a coach goes beyond that. As a coach, I am trained to ask you the right, positively critical questions. My image of you is not yet colored by previous joint experiences. I have no opinion about you or how you organize your life. As a coach, I can hold up a mirror for you. I will challenge you to take action where necessary. And I am your professional ‘buddy’ on your way to your goals. I will look at your ‘problem’ from a distance though I am still involved.

I do all of my online coaching via Skype, WhatsApp or KIK. Working online and mobile allows me to coach clients across many different time zones. But most importantly it allows you to be coached in the environment where you feel most at ease, whether that’s at home or in the office.


As your coach I am your companion on your journey to self-discovery. I will help you to remove the mental and emotional blocks that hold you back so you could start moving forward with your personal and professional goals to become more productive, balanced and excited about life again.

Let me help you to redesign your life and start Living Your Dreams.

  • 4 sessions: € 500– Includes four coaching calls – once a week and 3 follow-up emails.
  • Three months: $1350– Includes four coaching calls per month – 12 in total – and 6 follow-up emails.
  • Six months: $2500– Includes four coaching calls per month – 24 in total – and 9 follow-up emails.

Just Go For It

Cancellation Policy

All sessions cancelled within 24 hours before starting will be charged.